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a powder blue first medicine bottle is -0.1 inch above 1 foot tall table. shiny first pill is 0.28 foot in medicine bottle. pill is leaning 30 degrees to right. shiny tangerine orange second pill is 0.3 foot in medicine bottle. pill is leaning 5 degrees to left. 2 foot tall girl is 3 feet behind table and 0.1 foot to right. girl is facing back. 3 foot tall window is 0.3 foot behind girl. window is old lace. 3 foot tall and 6 foot long first [texture] wall is -0.2 foot right of window. 3 foot tall and 6 foot long second [texture] wall is -0.2 foot left of window. 10 foot wide and 10 foot deep square is -0.5 foot in front of window and 0.1 inch in ground. square is [carpet]. ground is [grass]. 1.3 foot wide cage is in front of first wall and -1.3 foot to left. 1.1 foot tall dog is in cage and -1.3 foot to left. dog is facing southwest. camera light is anthracite gray. old gold light is 7 feet behind girl and 1 feet above ground. ambient light is hydrangea blue. 1 foot long shelf is -1 inch in front of first wall and -1.25 foot to left. shelf is 1.8 foot above ground. dim old gold light is 1 inch in front of cage and 1 inch to right. petrol blue light is in front of medicine bottle. sun is peach puff. sun's azimuth is 25 degrees. 0.5 foot tall statue is -0.1 inch above shelf and -0.5 foot to right. 0.55 foot tall coxcomb is 0.1 foot left of statue. 1.7 foot long rope brown rocking horse is 1 inch in front of second wall and -1.8 foot to right. rocking horse is facing southeast. rocking horse's leg is wicker brown. rocking horse's rocker is wicker brown. potted plant is 0.7 feet above rocking horse and -1.6 feet to right. second 0.2 foot tall clear amber medicine bottle is 1 inch in front of first medicine bottle and 1 inch to right. 0.2 foot long spoon is 0.1 inch left of second medicine bottle and -0.1 inch above table. spoon is facing northeast. 1 foot wide painting is 0.1 foot above rocking horse and -0.1 foot to back.
KAWE (2020) 
get well
nheiges (2020) 
such nice details
Nanook (2020) 
very nice!
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
Very peaceful place to convalesce
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