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the epicenter (2)

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pale skull is facing right. skull is leaning 45 degrees to back. tiny covid19 is 0.6 foot in skull and -0.3 foot to right. 0.5 foot wide murder hornet is -0.2 foot in front of skull and -0.6 foot to back. murder hornet is facing back. murder hornet is leaning 170 degrees to ground. murder hornet is 0.1 feet above ground. 0.3 foot long mosquito is -0.2 foot above skull and -0.3 foot to front. 1 foot wide circle is -0.1 inch behind skull and -0.92 foot to left. circle is facing up. circle is 1 foot wide [texture]. 0.8 foot long bus stop shelter is 1 foot behind circle and 0.2 foot to right. bus stop shelter is 0.1 inch in ground. 4 foot tall shiny anthracite gray high rise is 4 foot behind circle and -0.7 foot to left. ground is [texture]. 0.8 foot tall anthracite gray streetlight is 0.1 inch left of bus stop shelter. streetlight is facing right. 0.4 foot long pewter gray bench is -0.6 foot left of bus stop shelter and -0.1 foot to front. 0.4 foot tall policeman is 0.2 foot in front of bench and -0.1 foot to left. 0.2 foot tall german shepherd is 0.25 foot right of policeman. 2 foot wide and 3 foot deep square is -0.5 foot in front of bus stop shelter. square is 0.5 foot wide [texture]. square is 0.3 inch in ground. 6 foot long shiny wolf gray factory is 1 foot behind high rise and -1 foot to right. factory is facing left. 0.25 foot tall fountain is 0.7 foot in front of bus stop shelter and -0.55 foot to left. fountain's exterior is garlic cream. fountain's base is garlic cream. 1 foot long airplane is 0.1 foot above factory and -3 foot to left. airplane is leaning 30 degrees to front. 3 foot tall pale rock is 1 foot behind factory and -4.5 foot to left. 0.3 foot tall human is 0.2 foot in front of fountain and -0.25 foot to left. human is facing northeast. human is facing up. sun is aubergine mauve. ambient light is garnet red. summer rain blue light is 0.1 foot in front of skull. camera light is pond green. old gold light is above and right of skull.
nheiges (2020) 
that's great!
Nanook (2020) 
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