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a white man leans 30 degrees to back. 1.4 foot long gold arrow is -2.1 foot in front of man and 4.2 foot above ground. arrow is facing man. 3 inch wide [texture] lake is -0.5 inch behind arrow and 4 foot above ground. lake is facing up. lake is facing arrow. lake is leaning 30 degrees to back. 2 foot tall and 8 foot long rectangle is 14 foot behind man and 15 foot to left. rectangle is 2 foot wide [pattern]. clear tiny cube is 14 feet in front of rectangle and 8 feet to right. rectangle is facing cube. 5.5 foot tall woman is -2 foot above rectangle. woman is facing cube. 12 foot long curtain is 0.1 foot behind rectangle and -2 foot to left. curtain is facing cube. curtain is 2.7 feet in ground. 14 foot tall and 12 foot wide wall is 1 inch behind curtain and -3 foot to left. wall is facing cube. wall is 14 foot wide [black]. 4 foot long jackal is 3 foot in front of rectangle and -8 foot to left. jackal is facing right. 14 foot wide circle is -10 foot in front of rectangle and -10 foot to left. circle is 1 inch above ground. circle is 6 foot wide 10% reflective [stone]. 16 foot wide [texture] torus is -15 foot in front of circle. torus is 3.35 feet in ground. torus is facing down. 30 foot wide first window is 2 foot right of wall. window is facing man. 30 foot wide second window is -1 inch left of wall. 200 foot wide floor is 6 foot in front of first window and -0.6 inch above ground. floor is 20 foot wide [tile]. 2.5 foot wide gold scale is -0.3 foot right of woman and 2 foot above ground. scale is -4 foot to front. scale is facing cube. 2 foot tall gold mirror is 1 foot left of woman and 2 foot above ground. mirror is -1 foot to front. mirror is facing cube. 3 foot wide andean condor is 3 foot above scale. python is 5 foot in front of jackal and 4 foot to right. 3 old gold lights are 3 foot behind first window and 30 foot above ground. camera light is rosebush pink. ambient light is acid green. ink blue sun. teak brown light right of arrow.
zamchick (2020) 
Beautifully designed as always
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