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a white foot is -.15 foot above and -1 foot in front of a white table. a big white hand is -1.5 feet above and -2 feet in front of the table. it faces right. a 1.5 foot tall white head faces southeast. it is -.5 foot right of the table. a gray wall faces right. it is left of the table. it is .1 foot in the ground. a white crash dummy is -2 foot in front of the table. it is -2 foot right of the wall. it faces northwest. it leans 90 degrees to the back. sun's azimuth is 90 degrees. camera light is black. a 1.5 foot wide and 2 foot tall flat [diagram] cube faces right. it is right of and -6 feet above the wall. it is 1 foot in front of the table.
Mosaic, Sharpen, Contrast, Contrast, Contrast, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness
KAWE (6/15/2020) 
coyne (6/15/2020) 
interesting scene!
Nanook (6/15/2020) 
We are all in this alone, cool scene and concept!
tane69 (6/15/2020) 
Nanook (6/15/2020) 
You know I took another look at this and opened it, it's really interesting how the mosaic effect created what looked like a tile wall but it covered even the objects. Neat!
watcher570 (6/16/2020) 
very good!
zamchick (6/16/2020) 
Cool body shop!
nheiges (6/16/2020) 
thanks, everyone!
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