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The Panacea

Input text: 
a surgical mask is -.3 feet in front of and -.625 feet right of and -.775 feet above a .8 foot tall head. a marble is 10 feet in front of and 4 feet right of the mask. the mask faces the marble. backdrop is [magic]. the head is in front of and -1 foot above a medical doctor. a clear white medicine bottle is 2 feet in front of and -.1 foot right of and .05 foot beneath the head. it leans to the right. a salesman is 1.65 feet in front of the doctor. he is -.25 feet right of the medicine bottle. he faces back. a .15 foot wide pill leans 95 degrees to the right. it is -.29 feet above the bottle. a .01 foot tall light is in front of the pill. ambient light is wildness. camera light is sienna. a tan light is 2 feet left of and -1 foot above the doctor.
Brightness, Invert, Solarize, Hue
KAWE (2020) 
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