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Sun rise in a small town

Input text: 
ground is visible .ground is mountain range.a house backdrop.a 300 inch tall mountain range girl is 10 inch above the ground.ground is 15 feet tall.the girl is facing northeast.a 150 inch tall mountain range dog is left of the girl.the dog is facing north.two red lights are 20 inch above the dog.
Effects: Sharpen
Attributions: Getty Images
watcher570  (6/23/2020) 
nice sunrise!
nheiges  (6/23/2020) 
gorgeous light and color!
Nanook  (6/23/2020) 
lovely, the first thing I thought of was the African dust that is due here that helps to create spectacular sunrises and sets :-)
nheiges  (6/23/2020) 
oh yes, @Nanook! fascinating phenomenon!
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