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Village life

Input text: 
a 1st house.a cart is in front of the house.a centaur is left of the cart.a 2nd house is right of the 1st house.a 3rd house is left of the 1st house.a 5 feet tall warrior is 2 feet in front of the centaur.it is facing north.a knight is 3 feet left of the warrior.the knight is facing southeast.a troll is 6 feet left of the knight.it is behind the knight.a goblin is right of the cart.a witch is 5 feet above the centaur.the witch is 1 feet left of the centaur.a woman is 2 feet in front of the goblin.she is facing the goblin.the sun is 60% rust.a 55% linen light is 10 inches left of the goblin.a donkey is right of the troll.a cauldron is left of the warrior.the donkey is facing southeast.
Sharpen, Contrast
coyne (6/23/2020) 
ah, the good old days of yore :-)
KAWE (6/23/2020) 
The village is beautifully constructed
nheiges (6/23/2020) 
ah, that's great!
hedgehog1965 (6/23/2020) 
Made me think of Shrek before I'd even spotted the characters
Nanook (6/23/2020) 
oh, yeah now that you mention it.... :-)
watcher570 (6/24/2020) 
Hence the donkey :-)
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