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white angel is facing right. angel is -5 feet above ground. angel is leaning 45 degrees to ground. 4 foot tall white man is -0.7 foot right of angel and -0.8 foot above ground. man is facing up. man is -3.8 foot in front of angel. rack is 3 foot behind man and -0.7 foot to left. tiny transparent cube is 10 foot in front of rack and 3.5 foot to right. rack is facing cube. 0.8 foot tall anthracite gray mirror is -1 foot in front of rack and 2.3 feet in rack. mirror is facing cube. 0.7 foot tall shorthair cat is 1 inch left of mirror. shorthair cat is facing southeast. 0.4 foot tall [stone] tea service is 1 inch right of mirror. 2 foot tall and 8 foot long anthracite gray fence is -1 foot left of rack. 0.1 inch long clear tiny sphere is 10 foot in front of fence and 2 foot to right. fence is facing sphere. 2.2 foot tall white statue is 2 foot behind fence and -6 foot to right. statue is -0.2 foot above ground. statue is facing man. 4 foot tall monument is -6 foot right of fence and -4 foot to back. monument is facing fence. 1.2 foot tall pony is 1 foot left of statue. 1.5 foot tall first bush is behind pony. 1.5 foot tall second bush is -3 inch left of first bush. 20 foot wide 10% reflective floor is -9 foot in front of fence and -0.1 foot above ground. floor is -25 foot to left. bird is 10 foot in front of floor and 2.5 foot to right. bird is -0.55 foot above ground. floor is facing bird . ground is 20% reflective [water]. 4 foot wide grass circle is -2 foot in front of statue and -0.1 inch above ground. circle is -2 foot to left. 6 foot wide torus is 1.25 foot in circle. torus is facing down. torus is [grass]. camera light is thyme green. ambient light is lilac. sun is hydrangea blue. old gold light is in front of angel's halo. amethyst violet light is in front of angel's iris.
coyne (2020) 
great surrealism!
watcher570 (2020) 
I agree!
nheiges (2020) 
so cool!
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
And those nice peaceful colours again :-)
Nanook (2020) 
True to your style :-)
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