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Tears of the Poppy

Input text: 
image-15260 backdrop is 50% dark. An [opium] den. The sun is pink. Camera light is black. 4 lights are 2 feet behind and above the den. A woman is in front of and -3 feet right of the den. Azimuth of the sun is 30 degrees. A huge 50% shiny crimson oil lamp is -2 inch in front of and -2.2 feet above the woman. It leans 15 degrees to the back.
99 (Created on: IOS)
Scene credits:
lamp (Vignette)
nheiges (6/28/2020) 
makes me think of Dorothy asleep in the poppy field
hedgehog1965 (6/28/2020) 
Just add artificial snow to complete the scene :-)
nheiges (6/28/2020) 
watcher570 (6/30/2020) 
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