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Wavering Feelings

Input text: 
ground is shiny black. Sky is shiny white.
##HD #Dark #Feelings #Painting 
Cracked paint, Cracked paint, Despeckle, Cracked paint, Brightness, Cracked paint, Cracked paint, Despeckle, Despeckle, Posterize, Contrast
nheiges (2020) 
great abstract painting!
GabrielJack (2020) 
Thanks ^^
This was the fourth in a series of 4 paintings I made with a specific objective.
If you go to my gallery and set it to order by newest to oldest, instead of popularity, you will see that the 4 most recent images I made, all are divided horizontally, 3 perfectly down the middle, and 1 off center.

The 3 split down the middle are very dark and represent reality and times of tribulation. The "present", hence, being perfectly centered and all representing terrible events or feelings.

The 1 off center is outside of reality, and that is why it is off center.
Yet, even in dreams you have the darkness of nightmares, which even if they are less than half of the image, once you notice them, they pull your attention more than the lightness of the dreams, just like we pay more attention to our nightmares than to our dreams, which we barely ever even remember after waking up.
coyne (2020) 
Nice scenes!

On your question in chat about the camera staying in place...for scenes without any foreground objects, it does seem to reset. We will fix that. But in the meantime, a workaround would be to put a invisible object in the scene. (e.g. "the invisible cube"). It will then have a reference object to stabilize the scene when you hit Display.
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