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Old spheres factory

Input text: 
a 190 inch tall shiny factory.the factory is facing southwest.sky is gainsboro.backdrop is shiny.ambient light is orange.it is morning.a 1st 30 inch tall shiny orange red sphere is 70 inch in front of the factory.the 1st sphere is -160 inch above the factory.a 2nd 25 inch tall shiny red sphere is 10 inch in front of the 1st sphere.
Cracked paint, Sharpen, Mottled, Contrast, Sharpen, Hue, Color-emboss, Cracked paint, Sharpen
3D models:
nheiges  (7/6/2020) 
Nobody makes spheres like those anymore. Such craftsmanship! :-)
coyne  (7/6/2020) 
funny :-)
watcher570  (7/7/2020) 
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