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Happy Chef

Input text: 
kitchen backdrop.a chef.pale shadow plane.a cooking pot is -3.1 feet above the chef.it is 2 feet left of the chef.a broccoli is 1 feet in front of the cooking pot.a egg is left of the chef.a cat is 1 feet behind the egg.a glass is left of the cooking pot.a 2nd egg is in front of the chef.
Swirl, Sharpen, Contrast
💰cooking pot
💰house cat
KAWE (7/2/2020) 
nheiges (7/2/2020) 
Makes me think of Julia Child: if you're all alone in the kitchen, nobody will know (you dropped the eggs on the floor) :-)
Nanook (7/2/2020) 
LOLing we need some laughter and funny comment @nheiges
hedgehog1965 (7/3/2020) 
Nobody knows that's his sixth glass either :-)
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