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Happy tiger
This tiger is kneading a blanket. :)

Input text: 
1st tiger is in the living room. A .15 foot tall tongue is -.6 feet in front of and -1.8 feet above 1st tiger. It leans 20 degrees to the front. The tiger is -7.1 feet behind and -1.2 feet above a 1.5 foot tall 6 foot wide 6 foot deep plaid wave.
3D models:
Attributions: Catastroph... by hedgehog1965
Nanook  (7/2/2020) 
Oh yes the kneading effect!! :-DD
nheiges  (7/2/2020) 
Love it!
mohapn15  (7/2/2020) 
Love the use of a plaid wave to make it look like feet under a blanket! Brilliant!
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