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cyber funeral

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pale human is facing up. ambient light is dusty rose. sun is old gold. camera light is lime green. ground is black and shiny. 5 foot long shiny black structure is right of human. structure is 2 foot in ground. structure's roof is shiny lime green. pale shiny fish is -0.6 foot left of structure's roof and -3.8 foot to front. dark flower is -2 foot left of human and -3 foot to back. flower is leaning 25 degrees to ground. 1 foot tall shiny sword is -0.75 foot left of human and -2.6 foot to back. sword is upside down. sword is leaning -40 degrees to east. sword is 5 inch above ground. sword's grip is black. sword's handhold is black. 3 foot wide shiny black wave is 0.5 foot behind structure and -1 foot to left. wave is 0.1 inch in ground. 0.45 foot wide gold crown is -5 inch above human and -0.6 foot to back. crown is -0.9 foot to right. crown is leaning 30 degrees to right. big dodecahedron is 0.9 foot behind structure and -2.2 foot to right. dodecahedron is 3 foot in ground. dodecahedron is 3 foot wide pale 10% reflective [honeycomb]. 1 foot long bee is -1 inch above dodecahedron and -2 foot to front. bee is -2 foot to left. bee is facing human. 3 foot wide lake is 8 inch behind wave. lake is 2 foot wide 25% reflective [water]. lake is facing left.
Nanook (7/5/2020) 
Wow there is a lot going on here!
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