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I planted a bulb, and now it's a flower.

Input text: 
an instrument. its bulb is shiny pink. its barrel is white. ground is lawn green. sky is dodger blue. a .3 foot wide and .3 foot deep blossom is behind and -.3 feet above the instrument. it leans 90 degrees to the front. a tiny fuschia light is in front of the blossom. an small hummingbird is .1 foot right of and -.2 foot above the instrument. it faces the instrument. it leans to the front. a very tiny flat goldenrod sun symbol is behind and -.1 foot above and -.18 foot right of the hummingbird.
Canvas texture, Brightness, Saturation, Saturation
3D models:
Nanook  (7/9/2020) 
Love it, so bright and cheerful!
hedgehog1965  (7/9/2020) 

Very nice. And coincidentally, I planted a flower and now it's a bulb :-)
coyne  (7/9/2020) 
nice scene and sequence!
nheiges  (7/9/2020) 
great reply :-)
watcher570  (7/10/2020) 
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