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Behind Bars

Input text: 
a wood ukulele. a tiny yellow light is 2 foot in front of and 3 feet right of it. it is night. a .7 foot tall person is -2 foot above the ukulele. a very tiny linen light is above and left of the person.
Canvas texture, Invert, Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Invert
3D models:
💰 ukulele
Nanook  (7/10/2020) 
Okay this is strange, I clicked on the underscored 'ukulele' to see if it was a vignette 'attribution' and it brings up a website 'Sketchfab'. Anyway, I love this scene and the lighting.
coyne  (7/10/2020) 
Hi @nanook, yes, that's a little confusing. We'll change it so that the attributions link goes to our 3D model page first (and then a separate link to the external source).
nheiges  (7/10/2020) 
Thanks @Nanook!
coyne  (7/10/2020) 
@nanook, we've changed it so that the 3D attributions on the view-picture page will bring you to the 3D model page in the Store where you can see the model and the scenes that use it. And you can unlock it there, or find the content pack it is part of, etc. The external attribution link is on that page instead.
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