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I miss the library.

Input text: 
a 2nd bookcase is right of the 1st bookcase. the body of the 2nd bookcase is [wood]. the body of the 1st bookcase is [wood]. a 3rd bookcase is right of the 2nd bookcase. the body of the 3rd bookcase is [wood]. backdrop is library. it is noon. a 3.5 foot deep tan chair is 2 feet in front of the 3rd bookcase. it faces west. a woman is -3 feet above and -2 foot left of and -3 feet in front of the chair. she leans 25 degrees to the back. a .75 foot tall book is -2.75 foot above and -2.9 feet in front of the woman. it faces back. a book is left of and -.25 feet behind the chair. a book is on the book. it faces southeast. the woman's shirt is [pattern].
coyne (7/10/2020) 
Bliss! :-)
Nanook (7/10/2020) 
I see you are an avid reader. My older sister was like that so much so that I had an aversion to it because she never wanted to do anything but read. :-(
nheiges (7/10/2020) 
We have a local bookstore named Avid and they sell t-shirts that say "I'm an Avid Reader". I have one! Books were a wonderful source of escape when I was kid and still now, though I don't have the time for it that I used to. I'm sorry your sister's reading shut you out. I can imagine that would have been really frustrating. I didn't have any sisters to bother - and was glad for the companionship of fictional friends :-)
hedgehog1965 (7/10/2020) 
My room used to look a bit like this :-)
I've still got my first set of books in the garage (Grolier's New Book of Knowledge from the late 60s)
watcher570 (7/11/2020) 
my ideal place! :-)
nheiges (7/11/2020) 
What a great childhood memento, @hedgehog1965. :-)
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