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How Many Pink Elephants Can You Fit Into a Bottle?

Input text: 
A shiny 60% dark pink 3D ground. A pink elephant is -6.5 feet right of a pink elephant. It is facing east. A large bottle is 4 feet in front of the elephant. Camera light is black. 2 pink lights are behind and 2 feet left of the bottle. The sun is grey. 2 dim pink lights are 20 feet right of the elephant.
138 (Created on: IOS)
nheiges (7/10/2020) 
More fun to study elephants in a bottle than angels on the head of a pin :-)
Nanook (7/10/2020) 
First question: How big is the bottle and how little are the elephants?

watcher570 (7/11/2020) 
Depends on how many bottle's I've had :-)
Nanook (7/11/2020) 
hedgehog1965 (7/11/2020) 
...and the winner is... watcher :-)
nheiges (7/11/2020) 
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