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Vignette — Keywords: room,facade,building

Input text: 
THE WHITE BACKDROP. Ground is invisible. lantern is on table. pebble is 5 foot behind table and -1 foot to right. pebble is facing northeast. 3 foot tall gryphon is 1.2 foot right of table and -0.5 foot to back. gryphon is facing back. gryphon is 1 foot wide [texture]. 7 foot tall black archway is 2 feet behind pebble. first 7 foot tall and 10 foot wide mocha brown door is -6 inch left of archway. second 7 foot tall and 10 foot wide mocha brown door is -6 inch right of archway. 7 foot tall and 10 foot wide mocha brown first wall is -1 inch behind first door and -9.5 foot to left. 7 foot tall and 10 foot wide mocha brown second wall is -1 inch behind second door and -9.5 foot to right. 40 foot wide floor is -6 inch in front of archway. floor is 5 foot wide dark [texture]. 4 foot deep and 100 foot long square is -1 inch behind archway. square is facing left. square is 3.5 foot wide [texture]. 6 foot wide pistachio green common ivy is 1 inch behind archway and 2.5 foot in archway. common ivy is -4.8 feet to right. [texture] bird is -16 inch left of archway and 12 inch behind archway. bird is 4.3 feet above floor. bird is facing gryphon. cornucopia is -10 inch behind archway and -18 inch to right. cornucopia is facing pebble. cornucopia's horn is [fabric]. [painting] painting is -4.5 inch in front of second door and -4.05 feet to left. painting is 2.55 feet above floor. 4.5 foot tall scythe is -4 inch in front of first door and -4.6 feet to right. scythe is 1 feet above floor. scythe is facing back. scythe's handle is black. scythe's leaf is black. scythe's blade is shiny. scythe is leaning 25 degrees to right.
3D models:
💰 lantern
💰 scythe
Attributions: the entran... by tane69
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