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artificial snow

Input text: 
ground is 5 foot wide [texture]. a [photo] mannequin is 1.3 foot in 1.5 foot tall [texture] wave. small streetlight is 2 foot behind mannequin and 0.9 foot to left. streetlight is 1.35 foot in ground. streetlight is facing left. 30 foot wide floor is 1 foot left of wave and -8.5 foot to back. floor is 1.319 inch in ground. floor is 10 foot wide [texture]. invisible cube is 10 foot left of floor and 26 foot to front. floor is facing cube. small jackal is 3 foot left of wave and -6 foot to back. jackal is facing wave. small 20% reflective trash can is 2 foot right of jackal and -1 foot to back. trash can is facing left. trash can is leaning 270 degrees to ground. small rainbow compound object is -1.5 foot left of trash can and -2 foot to back. compound object is facing up. compound object is 4.5 inch in ground. 9 foot long 25% reflective dark car is -19 foot in front of floor and -17 foot to right. small dark donut shop is 10 foot behind car and -1 foot to left. small dark mexican restaurant is -15 foot behind car and 20 foot to left. mexican restaurant is facing right. pale clear flat 20 foot tall high rise is -32 foot behind mexican restaurant. high rise is facing right. first big black sand martin is 3 feet above car. sand martin is leaning 20 degrees to right. second big black sand martin is -0.5 foot left of first sand martin and 1 foot to back. third big black sand martin is -0.5 foot right of first sand martin and 1 foot to back. camera light is black. sun is bougainvillea fuschia. old gold light is 1 inch in front of streetlight and 10 foot above ground. ambient light is pond blue. lilac light is -1 foot above mannequin and -1 foot to right. cappuccino brown light is in front of mannequin and 3 feet above ground.
KAWE (2020) 
Exactly as much as a snowboarder needs :-)
nheiges (2020) 
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