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ground is shiny petrol blue. a temple. rock is 11 feet in temple. clear quartz pink dodecahedron is 1 inch in rock. dodecahedron is upside down. first [texture] mannequin is -1 foot right of rock and -1 foot to back. first mannequin is 9.01 feet in temple. first mannequin is facing southwest. gold hammer is -1.1 foot left of first mannequin and 3.9 feet above ground. hammer is -1.86 foot to front. hammer is leaning 45 degrees to right. second [texture] mannequin is -2 foot left of rock and -0.5 foot to front. second mannequin is 9 foot in temple. second mannequin is facing rock. gold chain is 3.5 feet above rock. chain is leaning 90 degrees to front. small gold sun symbol is 2.5 feet above rock and -2 feet to back. ambient light is azure blue. sun is lilac. camera light is wildness. old gold light is in front of chain.
KAWE (7/26/2020) 
cemurp (7/26/2020) 
i love it sm
Nanook (7/26/2020) 
Your style is so distinct I know it's yours before I even see your name. Lovely!
hedgehog1965 (7/27/2020) 
Very nice
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