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dining room

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a bar stool. 4.5 foot tall pale girl is 2.5 foot in bar stool and -3 foot to left. ebony bookcase is 1 foot behind bar stool. bookcase is facing bar stool. mahogany window is 2 foot right of bookcase and 2 foot above ground. window's pane is clear alice blue. 1.99 foot tall and 10 foot long first wall is -5 inch right of bookcase. wall is 2 foot wide [wall]. second 2.3 foot wide and 6 foot tall wall is -5 inch above first wall and -2.45 foot to left. second wall is 2.3 foot wide [texture]. third 1 foot tall and 6.1 foot long wall is -2 inch right of second wall and 6 feet above ground. wall is 2.3 foot wide [texture]. fourth 2.3 foot wide and 6 foot tall wall is -2 inch right of third wall and 1.7 feet above ground. fourth wall is 1 inch deep. wall is 2.3 foot wide [texture]. 20 foot wide floor is -5 inch in front of first wall and -20 feet to right. floor is 25% reflective 2 foot wide [tile]. dark table is -1 inch in front of first wall. ground is [texture]. 1.5 foot wide bowl is -0.85 inch above table. toy block is 0.5 foot in front of bar stool and 0.5 foot to right. toy block is -0.1 inch above floor. ledger is 4 inch left of bowl. ledger is facing southeast. 1.5 foot tall pale plant is 6 inch right of bowl. plant's vase is gingerbread brown. 6.5 foot wide common ivy is 5 inch behind window and 4 feet above ground. 4.5 foot long pale roe is 1 foot behind window and -2 feet to left. roe is facing southeast. roe is 3 inch in ground. 6 foot tall witch hazel is -4 foot left of fourth wall and 0.5 foot to back. witch hazel is 2 inch in ground. sun is eggshell cream. camera light is antique rose. wisteria violet light is 3 foot left of girl and 5 foot above ground. granite gray rat is 6 inch in front of bookcase and 1 feet to right. rat is facing southwest. rat is -0.1 inch above floor. food can is 1 foot in front of table and -3 foot to right. food can is facing down. food can is facing southeast. food can is -0.1 inch above floor.
KAWE (7/27/2020) 
nheiges (7/27/2020) 
Nanook (7/27/2020) 
well lived in :-)
hedgehog1965 (7/27/2020) 
Nice energy
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