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Vignette — Keywords: bathroom

Input text: 
THE WHITE BACKDROP. Ground is invisible. very huge sandbox is 5 inch in ground. sandbox's body is clear white. sandbox's sand is shiny [water]. 100 foot long and 42 foot tall wall is 2 foot behind sandbox and -90 feet to right. wall is 40 foot wide [texture]. 42 foot tall shiny window is -5 inch right of wall. gold 20 foot wide wall clock is -2 inch in front of wall and -65 feet to right. wall clock is 15 feet above ground. 100 foot long and 100 foot deep floor is -1 foot in front of wall. floor is 10% reflective 20 foot wide [tile]. floor is -0.1 inch above ground. 10 foot long gold moon symbol is 26 foot right of wall clock and 12 feet above ground. moon symbol is -16 inch to front. very huge candle is -2 inch above sandbox and -6 feet to right. candle is -5 foot to front. very huge shiny mahogany faucet is -8 feet left of sandbox and -25 feet to back. faucet is -4.2 foot in sandbox. faucet is facing right. date palm tree is 6 foot behind window and -10 foot to right. date palm tree is facing back. date palm tree is 9 foot above ground. Very huge common ivy is left of clock.
Scene credits:
palace baths (Scene)
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