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Vignette — Keywords: road,desert

Input text: 
THE WHITE BACKDROP. Ground is invisible. a 2000 feet long road.a coyote is on the road.the road's sidewalk is sand.a coyote is 2 feet in front of the coyote.the coyote is left of the coyote.a 1st cactus is 10 feet right of the coyote.a 2nd cactus is 6 feet left of the coyote.a 3rd cactus is 20 feet in front of the 1st cactus.the 3rd cactus is 2 feet right of the 1st cactus.a 4th cactus is 15 feet right of the 3rd cactus.a 5th cactus is 25 feet in front of the 3rd cactus.a large lizard is behind the 2nd cactus.the lizard is facing the coyote.it is dawn.a joshua tree is 15 feet in front of the 4th cactus.
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