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Flying the Friendly Skies

Input text: 
The 1st invisible cube is -.01 feet above a 2nd invisible cube. the 2nd cube is upside down. camera light is black. it is noon. ground is invisible. sky leans to the front. a small angel is in front of and left of and -1 foot beneath the 2nd cube. the angel faces right. a very tiny airplane is -3 foot behind and above and right of the 2nd cube. it faces northwest. a ink blue balloon is 10 feet in front of the cube. a tiny light is -5 foot east of and -5 foot north of the airplane. ambient light is dim. the belt of the angel is ink blue.
watcher570 (2020) 
Nanook (2020) 
Lots of nice people up there :-)
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
Great scene. Not sure that slogan is as true for them today as it was back in 1965 though :-)
nheiges (2020) 
When the title popped into my head, I didn't even remember it belonged to United. The irony! :-)
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