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Chasing the Rabbit

Input text: 
a house.the house's wall is wood.the house's porch is wood.a yellow light is -10 feet above the house.it is dusk.the house's stair step is grey.a 1st hedgehog is in front of the house.a frog is 2 feet left of the 1st hedgehog.the frog is facing the house.the 1st hedgehog is facing northeast.a 1st fox is 1.2 feet right of the 1st hedgehog.the 1st fox is 6 inches in front of the 1st hedgehog.a deer is 4 inches in front of the frog.the deer is facing northeast.the deer is -6 inches left of the frog.a 2nd hedgehog is 5 inches in front of the 1st hedgehog.the 2nd hedgehog is left of the 1st hedgehog.a 2nd fox is left of the 1st fox.the 2nd hedgehog is facing northeast.the ground is dirt.a 10% yellow light is 10 feet above the 2nd hedgehog.a beetle is 10 inches in front of the frog.the camera light is dark. 3rd fox is 0 feet in front of 2nd fox. A rabbit is in front of her. The foxes face the rabbit. They lean 45 degrees to the southwest.
3D models:
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