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Vignette — Keywords: elephant,musician,pianist

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THE WHITE BACKDROP. ground is invisible. a 270 inch tall and 210 inch deep and 250 inch wide harpsichord. a 190 inch tall elephant is -6.5 feet to the front of and -14 feet above the harpsichord. it faces back. it leans 20 degrees to the back. -30 inch above the music stand of the harpsichord is a huge book.a 90 inch tall trumpet is -190 inch above the elephant.the trumpet is facing back.the trumpet is -15 inch to the back of the elephant.a 60 inch tall blue ant is -40 inch above the music stand of the harpsichord.the ant leans 90 degrees to back.the ant is in front of the book.a 60 inch tall snare drum is -55 inch in front of the elephant.
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