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a symbol.the symbol is 50 feet deep.the symbol is 30 feet wide.the symbol is 20 feet tall.the symbol's text is gold.a 1st man is in front of the symbol.a car is 30 feet behind the 1st man.a 2nd man is 3 feet in front of the 1st man.the 2nd man is facing the 1st man.a flock is -1 feet above the symbol.it is 1 feet left of the symbol.a 1st barrier is in front of the 1st man.it is facing right.the flock is in front of the symbol.a 2nd barrier is right of the 1st barrier. it is facing right.a 3rd barrier is left of the 1st barrier.it is facing right.
Sharpen, Contrast
Scene credits:
flock (Vignette)
nheiges (8/4/2020) 
an excellent scene and commentary!
KAWE (8/4/2020) 
Typical double bond message :-)
Nanook (8/4/2020) 
Must be along the southern border
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