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gray dog is facing northeast. big [texture] window is 3 foot behind dog and -3 foot to right. window is 0.5 foot in ground. wall is -6 inch left of window. wall is 5 foot wide [texture]. ground is [sand]. camera light is old gold. ambient light is morning sky blue. sun is cappuccino brown. big pale skeleton is 4 feet behind window and -9 feet to left. skeleton is facing up. skeleton is 0.5 feet in ground. 15 foot wide floor is -0.5 foot in front of wall and -8 foot to right. floor is 0.01 inch in ground. floor is 6 foot wide [texture]. 2.8 foot tall pale table is in front of wall and -7 foot to right. 2 foot tall wave is -1.5 foot right of table. wave is 0.5 foot wide shiny [gold]. clear lavender tiny dodecahedron is -2.8 foot right of wave and 1 foot above ground. dodecahedron is -1.8 foot in front of wave. clear cyan very huge diamond is -3 foot left of wave and -2 foot to front. diamond is leaning 45 degrees to left. diamond is 2 inch in ground. shiny crown is -0.5 feet above wave and -3.3 foot to left. crown is leaning 30 degrees to right. a first lilac jar is on table. gold 0.6 foot tall urn is 2 inch in front of jar and 2 inch to right. a 0.45 foot tall flask is 1 inch in front of jar and -2 inch to left. flask's flask is [texture]. gladiolus is -4 inch left of urn and -8 inch to front. gladiolus is facing down. gladiolus is facing southwest. [texture] statue is 3 feet in front of table and -3 feet to left. statue is facing up. statue is facing southeast. flag is 2.5 feet above wave and -1.5 foot to left. flag is upside down. flag is leaning 90 degrees to right. flag's body is [texture]. 9 foot tall joshua tree is 1 foot left of skeleton. tree is facing right. common ivy is 3 feet above wave. vulture is 1.5 feet above skeleton. vulture is leaning 40 degrees to front.
Nanook (2020) 
Nice, man's earliest best friend :-)
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