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Elephant Orchestra

Input text: 
a worker.the worker's octopus is aqua.a puddle is right of the worker.a small elephant is -1 feet left of the worker.it is facing southeast.a 50% lime light is 1 feet left of the elephant.a 40% rust light is 6 inches in front of the worker. A gardener is -5 feet in front of the worker. A savanna is east of him. It is -1.5 feet above the ground. Ground is yellow [grass]. A 10 foot tall band is next to the elephant. A 10 foot tall musician is in front of the band.
Other object credits:
Scene credits: ,
gardener,worker (Vignette)
gardener (Vignette)
band (Vignette)
Nanook (8/6/2020) 
a time I'll never forget :-)
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