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Walking the Plank

Input text: 
An enormous pattern dodecahedron. Gradient backdrop. 60% navy sun. Camera light is black. A lemon light is 2.5 feet left of and -3 feet above the dodecahedron. A scarlet light is 20 feet in front of and 20 feet right of the dodecahedron. A blue light is left of the dodecahedron. Backdrop is shiny and 1% dark. A 150 feet wide and 10 feet deep and 6 inch high silver plank is 20 feet right of and -20 feet above the dodecahedron. An enormous 20% shiny painting is 4 feet above and -50 feet left of and behind the plank. It is leaning 2 degrees to the right. A huge man is on the plank. He is facing northwest. A large earth is 2.5 feet above the dodecahedron. It is facing east. A pale cream light is above the man.
Cracked paint
KAWE (8/8/2020) 
I like it
watcher570 (8/9/2020) 
hedgehog1965 (8/9/2020) 
Thanks both
tane69 (8/9/2020) 
i really, really like this image
hedgehog1965 (8/10/2020) 
Thank you tane69 :-)
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