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Picture yourself on a boat on a river...

Input text: 
A boat is in the water ground. a boy is in the boat. the boy is facing left.
Sharpen, Sharpen
Scene credits:
untitled (Scene)
Nanook (8/15/2020) 
dreamy! this model makes me think of you, he kind of looks like you in the videos I've seen :-)
nheiges (8/15/2020) 
coyne (8/15/2020) 
@nanook, hmmm....i'll have to think about that :-)
nheiges (8/15/2020) 

Now picture this. :-)
coyne (8/15/2020) 
from dream to nightmare! :-)
Nanook (8/15/2020) 
I just meant the idea of being on a boat on the river was dreamy, me thinks this has gotten out of hand.....he's a real nowhere man...and he's going to strawberry fields forever...because he was just waiting for this moment to be free. :-)
coyne (8/16/2020) 
yes, free as a bird!

And here's her kaleidoscopic sister ...
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