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a clear powder blue square is facing up. square is 1 foot above ground. 1.75 foot tall flower is 1 inch behind square. white hand is 1 inch in front of square and 2.7 foot above ground. hand is upside down. hand is facing back. big silver padlock is 1 inch in front of square and -0.5 foot to right. padlock is 0.7 foot above ground. 0.4 foot tall and 1.4 foot long silver aquarius is 1 inch left of padlock. 0.4 foot wide silver sign panel is 1.2 foot above padlock. sign panel's background is shiny old gold. 2.2 foot long white goat is -0.65 foot left of square. goat is facing up. goat is 12 inch above ground. goat is facing right. goat's hoof is gold. goat's horn is gold. goat's tail is white. goat's ear is white. goat's beard is white. goat is leaning 10 degrees to front. cantaloupe is -1 foot right of square and 3.3 foot above ground. ground is 2 foot wide [texture]. 100 foot wide and 100 foot tall [texture] wall is 20 foot in front of square and -5 foot to left. wall is 1 inch in ground. 0.5 foot wide silver lug wrench is 4 inch left of aquarius. lug wrench is leaning 5 degrees to right. 1 foot tall white crucifix is 0.35 foot right of square and 2.4 foot above ground. 0.6 foot tall head is 0.25 foot below crucifix. head is facing southeast. 0.5 foot wide gold crown is -1.5 inch above head. 0.7 foot tall corn is 0.15 foot below head. corn is leaning 20 degrees to right. sun is beige rose. ambient light is steel blue. camera light is eggshell cream. 0.4 foot wide clear thistle diamond is 0.3 foot left of hand and 2.95 foot above ground. diamond is leaning 30 degrees to right. diamond is leaning 15 degrees to back.
zamchick (2020) 
Love the aesthetic
nheiges (2020) 
Me too
KAWE (2020) 
Nanook (2020) 
Like a cryptic key!
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