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Office Worker

Input text: 
An office worker. A computer. A computer screen 1 meter above the ground in front of worker. A table in front of worker. A boss next to computer facing worker. Saying extremely small "#italiano" on computer screen.
Nanook (2020) 
@Kringley the scene you have is interesting. I have a feeling you were looking for something different. Some of the text you used isn't recognized by Wordseye so it uses other models like the watermelon instead of computer screen. The models can be changed out for different types of those models (computer) by clicking on the model image at the right and choosing a different one. Some models have parts that can be given textures etc. By clicking on the (i) at the bottom right of the model image it tells you the different parts the can be changed. I think the scene you ended up with is very interesting though. Can't wait to see more :-)
Kringley (2020) 
@Nanook I decided to keep the watermelon because I found it funny how it chose to substitute "computer screen" with that, also thank you for the tips.
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