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There is a 15 meter tall jungle. There is a 7 meter tall walrus. The walrus is 2 meters in front of the jungle. The walrus is 3 meters below the jungle. There is a 4 meter tall cowboy hat. The cowboy hat is 2.5 meters above the center of the walrus. There is a 5 meter tall strawberry to the left of the walrus. There are 1 meter tall eyes in front of the strawberry. The eyes are 1 meter above the top of the strawberry. The 6 meter long "amazing" is 5 meters above the strawberry. The "amazing" is red. There is a 15 meter tall jungle to the left of the jungle.
Scene credits:
jungle (Vignette)
MetalxXxGear (2020) 
Godwhy (2020) 
Kringley (2020) 
game of the year
Nanook (2020) 
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