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It is morning. The sky is purple. The ground is blue metal. The ground is reflective. The 6 foot tall glass pyramid is on top of a 6 foot tall glass cube. The first 16 foot tall 55 foot wide reflective lime wall is right of the cube. The first wall is facing right. The second 16 foot tall 55 foot wide reflective turquoise wall is behind the cube. The second wall is facing north. The bright white light is above the pyramid. A 5 foot tall reflective head is 5 feet inside the cube. A bright pink light is 5 feet inside the pyramid. The camera light is sky blue. The small silver tree is 1 feet southwest of the cube. The reflective 19 inch tall dolphin is 6 feet inside the pyramid. The dolphin is facing the tree. The dolphin is facing up.
Other object credits:
Scene credits:
wall, rock wall (Vignette)
MetalxXxGear (9/10/2020) 
nheiges (9/10/2020) 
tane69 (9/11/2020) 
so awesome
watcher570 (9/11/2020) 
MetalxXxGear (9/21/2020) 
really good1
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