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I can't title this, no words are sufficient.

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a enormous clear 10% swimming pool blue drop. it leans right. ground is clear. a 5 inch tall [eye] "RIP" is -3 inch above and -12.5 inch right of the drop. a tiny marble is -5 inch above the drop. a cornflower blue light is above the marble. a linen light is in front of the marble.ambient light is igloo blue. a 3.4 inch tall pond blue "RBG" is -4 inch right of and -10 inch above the drop.sky is sky blue sky texture. sun is sky blue. camera light is sea spray blue. a small balance scale is left of and behind the "RBG". the flat plate of the balance scale is shiny copper.
Contrast, Cracked paint, Sharpen
KAWE (9/19/2020) 
Really? Please don't be so pessimistic
coyne (9/19/2020) 
very sad to see her gone. She was one of a kind.
nheiges (9/19/2020) 
A great woman and hero, so sad that she is no longer in this world
KAWE (9/19/2020) 
she died but she is not dead
Nanook (9/19/2020) 
Dear @KAWE, sometimes a great sadness just sucks the words right out of your very being. Her work will live on that's one thing Trump and McConnell can't take away though they may succeed at nullifying it. ;-(
boneybird (9/19/2020) 
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