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It is noon. Sky is texture, the ground is water. The 35 foot wide 3 foot tall mountain. The mountain is dull sand. The first dolphin is -3 inches in front and to the left of the mountain. The first dolphin is facing right. The small dolphin is next to the first dolphin. the small dolphin is facing right. The 6 foot tall date palm is 1 foot inside the mountain. The date palm is facing backwards. The tree trunk of the date palm is shiny hot pink. The first dolphin is hot flamingo pink. The small dolphin is turquoise.
nheiges (9/21/2020) 
love this!
mohapn15 (9/21/2020) 
Love the color choices
coyne (9/21/2020) 
KAWE (9/22/2020) 
watcher570 (9/22/2020) 
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