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A Strange Breed
an early warning

Input text: 
the 1st pumpkin is in the graveyard. it is 7 inches in the baby. a 2nd small pumpkin is to the right of the baby. a third pumpkin is -1 foot to the left and in front of the baby. a 4th pumpkin is behind and -1 foot to the right of the baby. a 5th small pumpkin is 6 inches to the right of the fourth pumpkin. it is facing back. a 6th small pumpkin is 1.5 foot to the left of the fourth pumpkin. the small cat is a foot above the 5th pumpkin. it is facing southwest. it is leaning 10 degrees to the back. the ambient light is black. the purple light is 1 foot above and 1 foot in front of the 1st pumpkin. it is 2 feet to the left of the 1st pumpkin. the magenta light is above and 1 foot in front of the third pumpkin. the camera light is black.
##HD #halloween 
KAWE (2020) 
nheiges (2020) 
a nightmarish scene!
Nanook (2020) 
Is the orange color the warning of things to come? :-z
zamchick (2020) 
@nanook Yup :-O
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