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Interesting library categorisation...

Input text: 
Hitler is in Indiana
136 (Created on: IOS)
mohapn15 (10/2/2020) 
Hi @hedgehog1965, just wanted to clarify that Pence is not tagged as Hitler.

A Hitler mode was released in select poses in content pack 77 - misc. politicians. As you have not purchased that content pack or model, the system defaults to choosing a politician you do have access to, which could be the free Trump, Biden, or Pence models on the system. If you click into the object chooser you can see that there are Hitler models that better fit the text you typed into, but they must be purchased.

Hope this clarifies any issues around categorization
hedgehog1965 (10/2/2020) 
Makes sense now - thanks :-)
mohapn15 (10/2/2020) 
No problem!
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