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The Reprieve is Over
I have to say that while I don't agree politically totally with Ms.Warren I don't disagree with her either. It just happens that her model/figure fit well with the scene I had in mind. :-)

Input text: 
backdrop is White House. a woman. a glue bottle is -1 feet above and -.48 feet left of and -.52 feet in front of the woman. it leans left.it faces southeast. a 1 inch tall black "GLUE" is .1 inch in front of and -6 inch above and -5 inch left of the glue bottle. it leans left.it faces southeast.
mohapn15 (10/6/2020) 
Still funny though
nheiges (10/6/2020) 
zamchick (10/6/2020) 
Her lips are (literally) sealed with a thought balloon :-)
Nanook (10/6/2020) 
Not for long though I'm afraid.....or not... (afraid).... :-)
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