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ashes to ashes

Input text: 
ground is 6 foot wide [texture]. a white table. sun is black. camera light is bordeaux wine mauve. 2 foot tall marble man is -1 inch above table. man is leaning -95 degrees to front. man is facing southwest. man is -2.5 foot right of table and -2 foot to front. dark witch hazel is 1 foot left of table and -3 foot to front. blossom is -1.6 foot right of man and -1.8 foot to front. blossom is facing down. blossom is facing southeast. blossom's plant stem is pond green. blossom's leaf is pond green. blossom's petal is bordeaux wine mauve. 4 foot wide circle is -3.6 foot in front of table. circle is 3 foot wide shiny [checkerboard]. 30 foot wide shiny lake is 5.5 feet behind table. small deer is 1 feet behind witch hazel and -4 foot to right. deer is facing man. small wine jug is -0.5 foot in front of witch hazel and -0.4 foot to right. wine jug is facing down. 1 foot wide second lake is -1.3 foot in front of wine jug. second lake is shiny [texture]. campfire is 2 foot behind table and 1 foot to right. shiny coffee cream crown is 0.8 foot right of table and -1.5 foot to front. small shiny aubergine mauve snake is 0.1 foot in crown. snake is facing southeast. 3 foot tall rock is 3 foot behind deer and -6 foot to right. rock is facing southeast. 5.8 foot long gold chandelier is -0.05 foot above table. first old gold light is 0.5 foot above man. midnight blue light is right of man. second old gold light is -0.1 foot above fire and -1 foot to back. purple light is in front of table and 1 foot above ground.
Scene credits:
fire,campfire (Vignette)
KAWE (2020) 
cool hot :-)
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
nheiges (2020) 
so good!
zamchick (10/16/2020) 
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