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Input text: 
a 2 foot tall candy corn is in a graveyard. a small monster is 1 foot in front of and right of the candy corn. it faces the candy corn. a witch is left of and 1 foot in front of the candy corn. she faces the candy corn. sun is dim. a malachite green light is 10 feet above the ground. shadow plane is invisible. a black rose is .1 foot in front of the candy corn. a ghost is behind the witch. the ghost faces right. a .2 foot tall flat black "R.I.P." is in front of and -.7 feet above the candy corn.
Contrast, Contrast, Cracked paint
Scene credits:
ghost,monster (Vignette)
mohapn15 (10/15/2020) 
The rose on the tombstone is awesome! Very cool composition.

I also hope that the candy corn tombstone means that candy corn has passed on...the worst Halloween candy to get!
nheiges (10/15/2020) 
Ha, that's a perfect interpretation of the scene! I didn't have in mind who was in the grave, but I wouldn't miss candy corn. :-D
Nanook (10/15/2020) 
I have to admit that was a interesting discourse on candy corn and it's demise.
coyne (10/25/2020) 
I'm probably one of the few people who love candy corn! :-)

nheiges (10/25/2020) 
@coyne - it's all yours, virtually no competition :-)
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