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a 1.6 foot tall [texture] ghost is -1.3 foot above white man and -1 foot to front. 12 foot tall hibiscus is 0.5 foot left of man. 8 foot tall gardenia is 0.5 foot right of man. 0.8 foot long river is -0.01 foot in front of man and 4 foot above ground. river is facing up. river is leaning -20 degrees to right. river's rock is white. river's water is 0.6 foot wide [texture]. ground is 20 foot wide [land]. 40 foot wide lake is 20 foot behind man and -27 foot to right. 8 foot wide clear cube is -3 foot behind lake and 10 foot to left. cube is facing right. cube is leaning 5 degrees to back. 6 foot long shiny sickle is 7 foot in cube. sickle is upside down. 10 foot long shiny dark brown coffee table is -3 foot behind lake and -12 foot to right. 4 foot long [marble] cat is on table. cat is facing southeast. sand martin is -0.2 foot right of man and 5.5 foot above ground. sand martin is leaning 6 degrees to front. metal brown hand mirror is 0.4 foot left of man and 3.5 foot above ground. hand mirror is leaning 15 degrees to left. hand mirror is upside down. sun is dawn rose. camera light is cloud blue. shiny mocha brown urn is 14 feet behind man and 1 foot to right. urn is leaning 90 degrees to right. urn is facing northeast. sun is old gold. tiny sphere is behind man. sphere is shiny red.
nheiges (2020) 
great scene and title!
Nanook (2020) 
lespaulguy (2020) 
KAWE (2020) 
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