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a 1st oyster gray cabinet. a 1st 1.5 foot tall clear brute is -2 feet in front of the cabinet. backdrop is room. shadow plane is invisible. a 2.5 foot tall oyster gray chair is .5 foot left of and in front of and -2.5 feet beneath the cabinet. it faces southeast. a 3 foot tall oyster gray piano faces left. it is 3 feet right of the chair. it is 1.5 feet in front of the cabinet. a small carpet is .2 feet left of the piano. it faces right. a 2 foot tall vase is 2 feet behind the piano. a 2nd 2 foot tall brute is -2 feet above the vase. a 3rd 2 foot tall clear brute is -1.8 foot north of and -2.7 foot west of and -1.5 feet above the chair. he faces southeast. a small child is on the carpet. the child faces back. a cat is -1.4 foot above and -2.5 foot south of and -2.5 foot east of the chair. it faces southeast. an old gold light is 5 feet above the child. sun is oyster gray.
KAWE (10/20/2020) 
watcher570 (10/20/2020) 
good one! :-)
Nanook (10/20/2020) 
coyne (10/21/2020) 
so funny :-)
nheiges (10/21/2020) 
thanks :-)
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