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The World's Most Expensive Melon Boat

Input text: 
A buoy. A [sponge] boat is 30% shiny. It is 10 feet right of the buoy. Ground is 35 feet wide image-10670. An 8 feet high fruit is left of and -11 feet in front of the boat. It is facing east. A huge fruit is right of the boat. It is facing west. Background is mountain. Background is 70% dark. Sun is navy. Camera light is blue. A 20% cyan light is above and right of and 4 feet in front of the buoy. A lemon light is in front of the fruit. A bird is on the buoy.
Saturation, Illustration
nheiges (10/22/2020) 
that's a lot of melon! :-)
watcher570 (10/25/2020) 
I bought my spoon with me! :-)
hedgehog1965 (10/27/2020) 
zamchick (10/28/2020) 
great location-scouting
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