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The arduous climb

Input text: 
a 1st 100 inch tall shiny gray cube.sky is red.a 2nd 130 inch tall and 100 inch wide and 130 inch deep shiny gray cube is 130 inch left of the 1st cube.sun is red.a 3rd 160 inch tall shiny gray cube is 180 inch left of the 2nd cube.a 4th 60 inch tall shiny gray cube is 120 inch right of the 1st cube.a 5th 30 inch tall shiny gray cube is 100 inch right of the 4th cube.a 300 inch tall shiny gray mannequin is on the 3rd cube.azimuth of the sun is 60 degrees.a 130 inch tall shiny gray bird is 600 inch above the 5th cube.the bird is facing south.the bird leans 15 degrees to the front.
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