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The Day the Tractor Broke Down

Input text: 
a tractor. sky. backdrop is farm. a 5 foot tall donkey is in front of and left of the tractor. the donkey faces the tractor. ambient light is ghost white. a 4 foot tall [texture] cow is left of the tractor. it faces the tractor. shadow plane is invisible. the eye of the donkey is black. the nostril of the donkey is black. a rat is -.5 feet right of and -1.5 feet above and -1.8 feet behind the tractor.
Canvas texture, Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Contrast
watcher570 (10/27/2020) 
now what happens! : -}
hedgehog1965 (10/27/2020) 
Made me think back to Tales of the Riverbank :-)
nheiges (10/27/2020) 

Had to look it up, but I see what you mean :-)
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