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The 12-Foot Tall Skeleton in the Neighbor's Yard
Every time I look at it, it seems to be getting just a tiny bit closer.

Input text: 
The [scene] backdrop. it is noon. a 12 foot tall white smoke skeleton. a 1st large eye is -1 foot above and -2.4 foot left of and -1.7 feet in front of the skeleton. a 2nd large eye is .1 feet right of the eye. a tiny blue light is in front of and right of the 1st eye. sun is ghost white.
Saturation, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness, Blobby paint
zamchick (10/31/2020) 
hedgehog1965 (10/31/2020) 
...just don't blink!
watcher570 (11/1/2020) 
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