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The invention of the lightning rod

Input text: 
sky is 5000 feet tall and 3000 feet wide and 3000 feet deep.ground is shiny black.a 1st 270 inch tall clear white castle is 60 inch above the ground.the castle is facing southwest.sun is pink.ground is 60 feet tall.a 45 inch tall shiny black horse is 200 inch in front of the castle.thr horse is facing the castle.a 70 inch tall shiny black knight is -40 inch above the horse.the knight is facing the castle.the knight is -60 inch in front of the horse.a 80 inch tall lightning bolt is -28 inch above the knight.the lightning bolt is -2 inch right of the knight.
Saturation, Contrast, Sharpen
zamchick (10/31/2020) 
Or the night lite!
nheiges (10/31/2020) 
a dramatic moment!
watcher570 (11/1/2020) 
cool scene!
Nanook (11/1/2020) 
Got a little shock on a horse once, static from a nearby lightning bolt up in the mountains. I had on silver rings and the horse was shod so we both got a little jolt. :-ZX
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